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Thai Massage Music – The Marvellous Blend of Music, Massage and Health & Fitness

Healing music and curing massages are part and parcel of each other. Thai massage has a history of 2500 years back in India where it was originated by a physician Jiviaka Kumar Bhaccha and then it carved its route in Thailand and under the influence of Chinese medicine it flourished to its peaks. It effectiveness is in its gigantic energizing results, and revealing tight discourses resembling to Yoga. The Thai massage therapist brings all his/her massaging moves by utilizing hands, knees, legs and feet strikingly similar to yoga stretches. However, it has great edge over yoga since it’s more relaxing and more excitable in terms of execution.

Thai music is great asset in enhancing its mammoth healing ability. Most Thai massage work specialists recommend music as an add-on with the massage. Some of the Thai massage music play list is given here.

Shamanic Dream by Anugama

It is an excellent new age classic with awesome recordings available. The simple beautiful beat is amazingly supported by acoustic instruments and sounds. It is a truly lovable meditative music. Following tracks are included

1) Shamanic dream

2) Chakra-journey

3) Mystical trance

Bali by New World Music

A perfect specimen for Thai music and massage with great audio quality, stunning rhythm and is enriched with atmospheric as well as rhythmic aspects. Following tracks are included.

1) Lake Of Purity

2) Forgotten Temple

3) Spirits of Mountain

4) Ocean Shrine

5) Islands at dusk

6) Holy Waters

Tales of a Prior World by Prior World

It was recorded in 2002 and is a jazz with most astounding music you will ever listen. Reviewer Julian Derry’s opinion “Sophisticated ambience for the jazz mind.” speaks for itself. Track listing includes,

1) Prowling the beat

2) Prior World

3) Cairo

4) Magister Ludi

5) Dhoopi’s Dream

How does it help?

It generally lasts for 60 minutes and without oil and mostly in comfortable dress. There is certain atmospheric tension and nervousness during any massage and Thai massage is not different in this regard. The Thai massage music helps you in following things

1) It makes you feel relaxed and at ease

2) It doubles the effects of any pose as a relax mind is best suited for any Thai bodywork pose.

3) It is a perfect add on for your energy level. Your energy level rises from arbitrary zero to medium or maximum depending on your intake.

4) It gives a strong focusing of mind. During the massage certain particular poses may distract your attention and a focused mind is a must if you want to be fully benefited. Therefore, it helps you make a strict concentration and you are gifted with full relaxing status.

5) The circulation of blood along with focusing of body is also confirmed through this massage music.

Conclusively, music is generally termed as “nutrition of a soul “and with Thai Massage Music you cannot only be enjoying a great relief for your body and mind but also your soul.