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Bergamot Essential Oil – History and Health Benefits

Just like any other essential oils that bring out the best of peacefully haven in us. Bergamot essential oil has its own terrific contents that would really create small pieces of refreshments towards our senses and making our state of being more relaxed than before, all in one excellent package offered by this essential oil.

This essential oil is carefully distilled and extracted from the bark of Citrus Aurantium fruit; a citrus fruit that is shaped like a pear. This tree belongs to the Rutaceae family and is also known as Bergamot orange and can be found in Mediterranean Region and so as other places that have dry and warm climates and also much flourish throughout the European region. The tree can grow up to four meters high with star-like shaped flowers and more polished leaves and the fruit can be turn from green to yellow when it ripens.

This oil has diversely lemon-like smell and slightly warm and spicy. And it is widely used in cosmetics for perfumes and toiletry industry team up with neroli and lavender; this oil acts as the main ingredients for some cologne. It is also used to provide flavor with Earl Grey tea. To extract the oil, the rind of both ripe and unripe fruit is used, it yields about 0.5%. And herewith stated are some chemical components of this oil; a-pinene, limonene, a-bergaptene, linalyl acetate, nerol, neryl acetate, geraniol, geraniol acetate and a-terpineol.

Ages ago, it has been used for commercial facial, skin and haircare products. Like any other oil, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that found to be effective to combat against infections and inflammations and keeps the bacteria from growing again preventing further infections to a wound that is on the process of healing. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and has calming properties. It is effective in treating skin infections and problems like acne and oily skin and some other certain illnesses like anorexia. It helps in dissolve minor scars and stretch marks limited to those freshly produce. No wonder, this amazing essential oil had really captivated millions of users because of its versatility.

So when you think you need a thing that would create some glimpse of relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshments to your life even with too much stressor that surrounds you. Better try to use this bergamot oil and see the difference it will make in you. Be fascinated by its impeccable touch that would leave you undeniably in more relaxed aura and will bring out the best beauty in you.