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Growing Plants For Beauty and Decoration

If you are into growing plants, you might like to know that nearly any plant can be grown in a suitable container for its whole life. This is equally true when the plant is either a tree or shrub, an annual or a perennial. Container-growing will provide you with some options that aren’t available with plants in their natural settings.

You can move a container of growing plants to anyplace where it can get more or less sun, and in this way you can give a plant whatever it needs without uprooting it. You can also use container plants to bring the most colorful flowers to the forefront when they are blooming, and then slide them back a bit when they are finished blooming.

Container-grown plants are much more dependent on you than their outdoor relatives, though. Whereas the outdoor tree always has an occasional shower if it lives outside, your indoor growing plants depend on you for this, along with their other needs. Pay very close attention to your feeding and fertilizing of indoor plants. And when you water, make sure you don’t wash away any feed or fertilizer you’ve just added.

Nearly any container that can hold soil can become a suitable planter. It should have a diameter that is roughly equal to about one half the height of the plant. Make sure that the container you select has holes drilled in the bottom, so that excess water can drain out. The thing that kills indoor growing plants the most often is overwatering and drowning.

Your choice in soil and additives is important to the health of indoor plants. Your medium must be able to hold some water, but also be able to drain fairly easily. Commercial potting mixes usually fill this need very adequately. There are quite a few different kinds of potting mixes available to gardeners, but you will want to choose one with a high quality, even if it costs a little more. Add peat or compost to help retain moisture. And add a bit of sand to help with drainage. Do not use soil from your yard or garden, because they may be infested with insects and fungi.

If you’re growing plants in containers, some may eventually need re-potting, because their roots have exhausted the room in their pots. To give the plant more room to grow, transplant it into a larger container. Use the next larger size pot available – don’t transplant from a small pot into an enormous one.

Help any transplants avoid shock by bringing them gradually back into full light. Make sure they’re in a warm (but not hot) spot, and add fertilizer to the plant’s water. In this way, the roots will take hold more easily, and they will begin to grow again.

Bergamot Essential Oil – History and Health Benefits

Just like any other essential oils that bring out the best of peacefully haven in us. Bergamot essential oil has its own terrific contents that would really create small pieces of refreshments towards our senses and making our state of being more relaxed than before, all in one excellent package offered by this essential oil.

This essential oil is carefully distilled and extracted from the bark of Citrus Aurantium fruit; a citrus fruit that is shaped like a pear. This tree belongs to the Rutaceae family and is also known as Bergamot orange and can be found in Mediterranean Region and so as other places that have dry and warm climates and also much flourish throughout the European region. The tree can grow up to four meters high with star-like shaped flowers and more polished leaves and the fruit can be turn from green to yellow when it ripens.

This oil has diversely lemon-like smell and slightly warm and spicy. And it is widely used in cosmetics for perfumes and toiletry industry team up with neroli and lavender; this oil acts as the main ingredients for some cologne. It is also used to provide flavor with Earl Grey tea. To extract the oil, the rind of both ripe and unripe fruit is used, it yields about 0.5%. And herewith stated are some chemical components of this oil; a-pinene, limonene, a-bergaptene, linalyl acetate, nerol, neryl acetate, geraniol, geraniol acetate and a-terpineol.

Ages ago, it has been used for commercial facial, skin and haircare products. Like any other oil, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that found to be effective to combat against infections and inflammations and keeps the bacteria from growing again preventing further infections to a wound that is on the process of healing. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and has calming properties. It is effective in treating skin infections and problems like acne and oily skin and some other certain illnesses like anorexia. It helps in dissolve minor scars and stretch marks limited to those freshly produce. No wonder, this amazing essential oil had really captivated millions of users because of its versatility.

So when you think you need a thing that would create some glimpse of relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshments to your life even with too much stressor that surrounds you. Better try to use this bergamot oil and see the difference it will make in you. Be fascinated by its impeccable touch that would leave you undeniably in more relaxed aura and will bring out the best beauty in you.

Women and Depression or Beauty and The Beast

Is the fight to reach the top bringing women to their knees? Has the fairer sex really become the weaker sex? Are we depressed or are we just experiencing what men have always known concerning pressure, but because we are women we are a push over for analysis ultimately ending in medication that calms “what ails us”? We must remember that we are still living in a predominately male operated society. Men have the natural instinct to want to “fix it” when anything they perceive as a problem arises. If our reaction to a problem is not to handle it in the strict male fashion, we must be falling apart and need to be fixed by medication, counseling, or both. You are by now asking what do men and their view of our reactions to problems have to do with us being depressed. Well, I’ll tell you.

Women are not men. No matter how short you cut your hair, Madam President, (sarcasm intended) or the fact that you wear pants will ever make you a man. But every day we are told that having the feelings and reactions associated with women is wrong. There are some popular theories going around that say women are making men gay by expecting them to have emotions that are prevalent to women, but these same men will deny that telling women to subdue their emotions, or natural reactions, will have any mental effect on them.

Women are trying to fit into a society built and operated by men. We have certain attitudes about how things should be. For too long we have been told we are wrong and to do something about it. So what do we do? We put it in its place. Somewhere deep in our minds where we don’t dare go. Not knowing what to do with this unnatural act, our hearts and minds are bogged down. There’s no where for it to go. It has no outlet. This is labeled depression.

I guess this sounds like a “let’s get men” attack, but it really isn’t meant to have a negative connotation to it. It is just the natural order of things. Women are smart humans and will learn to adapt in this harsher world in order to survive and one day to thrive again. I am not saying that we will not bring our own form of problem solving to this dilemma, eventually. But for now we must find a way of coping. Fortunately society has given us a way out by giving the monster a name, depression. And because it has a socially acceptable name, it’s okay to have this reaction called depression. I don’t think so!

Women must start to realize that just because we may not be able to have it all right now (emphasis on the may) does not make us any less “of a man” then our hairy counterparts. The female sector must never stop fighting for what is rightfully theirs in equal pay and other rights. But at the same time, we must stop beating ourselves up over the fact that we haven’t arrived yet in the eyes of a society that doesn’t know any better (at least for the moment) then to react in the status quo fashion.

Females have always been overachievers. You know our labels: perfect wife, great cook, and super mom. And now, let us place the added burden of breadwinner to our long list of “must dos”. Unfortunately being an overachiever means that we have to “out do” to be called successful. And we will “out do”, won’t we? What will we get if we aren’t at the top? We get to face that beast that goes by the name of depression. I am the world’s worst for this one. In everything I do I must be the award winner, the highest paid, the fastest runner, whatever. Talk about major self-appointed stresses! But seriously, does this not sound familiar to you?

But we need to find a way to shrug off some of the anxiety and self-appointed stress. Slay the beast by means other than anger or mood altering antidepressants. Why must I now add anger to our problems of emotional out cries? Now more than ever, women are venting their frustration through the use of anger. Road rage by women! Ever seen that one? Ever been on the receiving end of one of those fingers? I am not even coming close to suggesting that women own this one exclusively or even as a higher degree than men. But ask your mom how many times she was cut off, cussed out, and all those other glamorous actions we have come to see all too often, being initiated by a female when she was young. Perhaps you would use the explanation of more female drivers. Could be, but doubt it. We are programming ourselves to push, push, and push to get ahead. Our natural instinct is to react emotionally and unfortunately this is coming out as anger in a lot of situations.

The women I talked with stated they truly believed that women are angrier than they were in the past. The media has put so much pressure on us to be thinner, always look our best, and many times with unreasonable expectations to what is called excepted. Anorexia is at an all time high among women. Health issues are not at the heart of the attack, (no pun intended) on women to be skinny. You are unattractive and not appropriate for a career, marrying, or any other number of outside the home social activities. If you have any excess weight on you, you had better do something about it. But when you can’t reach, for one reason or another, these unreasonable goals, you become depressed.

Career goals, physical appearance, and respect are but a few of the reasons women become depressed. My main concern is for women to find a healthier, more positive way to handle these socially inflicted stresses then becoming depressed, angry, and ultimately becoming addicted to antidepressants. We know that historically men have used alcohol as a means to cope. We see how that faired, don’t we? Let’s not follow their lead but learn from their mistakes. I’ll let you in on a little secret if you don’t tell men. We are actually stronger than they are, as a whole. Men may find this funny and hard to prove, but I am 51 and have seen my share of tragedy. I have watched a lot of men go down the tubes when life smacks them down once or twice but at the same time have seen many women still standing after life has punched them in the stomach many times. Don’t let them tell you that because they are willing to go to war and die for a great cause makes them the stronger sex, either. There ain’t no such thing as a good war as a reason to die. Yes, I know that men start these wars, but you can’t use that against them. Crazy men are the ones starting wars. I just don’t think they should use their patriotic duty as a cause to say they are stronger, but if you ask them why they think they are stronger this seems to be their answer. That’s all I’m saying.

I was on antidepressants for 5 years and I smoke 1 ½ packs of cigarettes a day. I can say I was on them because I, not my doctors, took myself off them. I want to handle life through my own thoughts and strengths. As for the cigarettes, I have currently cut out ½ pack with the hope of quitting. Neither one of these actions has been easy. I will still “slap you into tomorrow” if I am aggravated enough, so I started my own home based business to keep me calmer during my transition. Whatever it takes. But my point is that I have become aware that I am stronger then this and want to be me, just me, and all the good or bad that comes with it.

Come on ladies, do a self-inventory. Are your reactions to situations over the top or are you coping in a positive manner? Pay attention to how you react and don’t excuse it if it’s not exactly lady like. It is not good for your health or your own self-image. When you screamed and yelled at that driver, did it do you any good? Bet not. Bet your blood pressure went through the roof. Why do you think more women are dying from heart attack and stroke then men are now? As we always have in the past, we must come up with a constructive way to stop “the madness”. Our society is mean to each other. You see it and you know it’s true. We are on a path to self-destruction. Take a deep breath, exercise more, try some natural products, become more spiritually involved, or go slower in your climb to the top, whatever it takes. Slow down and smell the roses! You can do it if you will just put a little effort into it. We are overachievers but we are also over comers, go for it with all that makes you a woman!

(Just a little P.S.) If we are depressed, medicated, angry, and fighting amongst ourselves, who is minding the store and winning the race? (And that ain’t no B.S.)

Thai Massage Music – The Marvellous Blend of Music, Massage and Health & Fitness

Healing music and curing massages are part and parcel of each other. Thai massage has a history of 2500 years back in India where it was originated by a physician Jiviaka Kumar Bhaccha and then it carved its route in Thailand and under the influence of Chinese medicine it flourished to its peaks. It effectiveness is in its gigantic energizing results, and revealing tight discourses resembling to Yoga. The Thai massage therapist brings all his/her massaging moves by utilizing hands, knees, legs and feet strikingly similar to yoga stretches. However, it has great edge over yoga since it’s more relaxing and more excitable in terms of execution.

Thai music is great asset in enhancing its mammoth healing ability. Most Thai massage work specialists recommend music as an add-on with the massage. Some of the Thai massage music play list is given here.

Shamanic Dream by Anugama

It is an excellent new age classic with awesome recordings available. The simple beautiful beat is amazingly supported by acoustic instruments and sounds. It is a truly lovable meditative music. Following tracks are included

1) Shamanic dream

2) Chakra-journey

3) Mystical trance

Bali by New World Music

A perfect specimen for Thai music and massage with great audio quality, stunning rhythm and is enriched with atmospheric as well as rhythmic aspects. Following tracks are included.

1) Lake Of Purity

2) Forgotten Temple

3) Spirits of Mountain

4) Ocean Shrine

5) Islands at dusk

6) Holy Waters

Tales of a Prior World by Prior World

It was recorded in 2002 and is a jazz with most astounding music you will ever listen. Reviewer Julian Derry’s opinion “Sophisticated ambience for the jazz mind.” speaks for itself. Track listing includes,

1) Prowling the beat

2) Prior World

3) Cairo

4) Magister Ludi

5) Dhoopi’s Dream

How does it help?

It generally lasts for 60 minutes and without oil and mostly in comfortable dress. There is certain atmospheric tension and nervousness during any massage and Thai massage is not different in this regard. The Thai massage music helps you in following things

1) It makes you feel relaxed and at ease

2) It doubles the effects of any pose as a relax mind is best suited for any Thai bodywork pose.

3) It is a perfect add on for your energy level. Your energy level rises from arbitrary zero to medium or maximum depending on your intake.

4) It gives a strong focusing of mind. During the massage certain particular poses may distract your attention and a focused mind is a must if you want to be fully benefited. Therefore, it helps you make a strict concentration and you are gifted with full relaxing status.

5) The circulation of blood along with focusing of body is also confirmed through this massage music.

Conclusively, music is generally termed as “nutrition of a soul “and with Thai Massage Music you cannot only be enjoying a great relief for your body and mind but also your soul.